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Arm Aesthetics

Arm Aesthetics

Arm aesthetics, also known as arm stretching surgery, is one of the most preferred aesthetic applications today. It is a plastic surgeon procedure performed to eliminate unwanted subcutaneous adipose tissue and sagging skin seen in the arm section. As is known, thin and tight arms contribute to the aesthetic appearance of the body. With the arm aesthetic operation, the aim is to achieve an elegant arm appearance with a slim form that does not swing with movement. The upper arm and shoulder area, which looks beautiful and pleasant, is always considered an indicator of youth and athletic structure.

The shoulder and arm décolleté are also important, just like the chest décolleté. Because the arm area is a mobile structure compared to other areas of the body, it is usually less prone to lubrication. If the individual is not above the ideal weight, there is usually no lubrication in the arm area. However, due to the fact that it is from moving parts of the body such as the inner legs, sagging and skin loosening may also occur in the arm section. The fact that the skin of the arm is taut, there is no flabbiness and presents a thin image is aesthetically pleasing. Because of all this, arm lift surgery is often preferred. The thickness of the arm is destroyed by the process of removing fat from the relevant area.

What Causes Arm Sagging?

There are various causes of arm sagging. These:

  • Arm sagging due to aging: A sagging condition may occur in the arms due to old age. This situation is extremely normal. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to take precautions at an early stage. You can make your arms look young with exercises that will keep your arms tight and movements that will increase November muscle mass.
  • Arm sagging due to lubrication: Sagging is more common in thick and oily arms. Frequently gaining weight and losing weight also causes the arms to hang down. In order to prevent this, sports should definitely be done for weight loss. In addition, sports should be supplemented with diet. Sports applications should be preferred in order for the skin not to sag after weight loss. Although slimming has taken place, if thinning does not occur in the arm section, arm aesthetics applications can be used. Thus, it becomes possible to get rid of excess fat on the arms.

How is Arm Aesthetics Performed?

he arm aesthetic operation is performed easily. It is done by removing fat from the arm section. In this application, the fat removal process is applied from the inner area of the arm, from the outer area and even from the shoulder section. However, in order for the procedure to be successful, it is essential that the firmness of the arm skin is very good. If there is some looseness in the skin section, tightening of the arm skin is achieved by applying laser lipolizplus. These applications can be performed alone or can also be performed with fat removal applications from other areas of the body.

If the looseness in the arm is at an excessive level, the sagging skin is not removed this time and sufficient amount of thinning and tension cannot be achieved in the arm area. At this point, arm stretching surgery should be performed. Due to the progression of age and excess weight in the body, sagging skin on the arm may occur and sagging skin may disturb people. The arm that looks nice should present an athletic, thin-skinned and muscular image starting from the elbow. In order to achieve this, arm aesthetic procedures are performed.

How is the Aesthetic Process of Arm Stretching?

The arm area is mobile compared to other areas of the body and is therefore more prone to a fatty state. If the individual is not above the ideal weight, lubrication does not occur in the arms. However, due to old age and weight problems, sagging and greasiness occur in some people in the arms. In order to prevent this, arm stretching aesthetics is performed. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. It takes about two hours or so. Before the operation, the sagging section is determined and drawings are made. During the operation, according to this plan, excess skin and fat are removed.

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