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Butt Aesthetics

Butt Aesthetics

Thanks to a professional procedure, it is possible to achieve the hip appearance you desire with aesthetic operations. It is quite easy for us to achieve the body type we dream of due to the aesthetic opportunities provided today. With butt aesthetics, people can choose between techniques such as butt implants, fat transfer to the buttocks, liposuction. Deformities that occur as a result of butt injuries are mostly corrected by butt aesthetics. Hip surgeries can also be performed without any reason. However, among the main causes of butt aesthetics, there are conditions such as sagging, gait disorder, shapelessness.

Tools Used in Butt Aesthetics

Since liposuction method is preferred to reduce the fat in certain areas of the whole body, it is also ideal for the butt section and is a successful method. When used for butt shaping, the success achieved in the waist, back and butt sections is quite high. Therefore, liposuction is often the preferred method for hip shaping.

Another way of butt shaping procedures is the butt prosthesis method. These prostheses are also suitable for human anatomy and are accepted by the body. Therefore, prosthesis procedure can be preferred in butt aesthetic applications.

The human body consists of a certain amount of curved structure. While the waist section is curved inwards, the butt area is protruding outwards. Therefore, butt shaping applications are aesthetic applications performed with combined liposuction in the waist and back section. In order to obtain the inward curve, the hip section bagels must be removed with liposuction. In the same way, it is necessary to remove the fat deposits in the section for the thigh. Most of the individuals who intend to shape their buttocks often complain about the hollowness and curved posture in the butt sections. Upright, round and plump looking hips are a condition that all women desire. However, nowadays, not only women, but also men with faint and small looking buttocks can prefer butt aesthetics.

At this point, the application of butt aesthetics called gluteoplasty also makes it possible to have a more vibrant, fuller and erect butt posture. The preferred application varies according to the individual. With butt aesthetics, fat is transferred to the butt part of the body. Butt prosthesis is combined for people who have insufficient amount of fat in their body. The butt prosthesis procedure has many different placement methods. Aqua filling-style filler varieties are also preferred for this purpose.

What are Butt Aesthetic Methods?

Many different methods are applied to enlarge your butt and make it look more beautiful. These:

Fat Injection

The preferred fat injection application for butt shaping is carried out by transferring it to the relevant area as a result of collecting sufficient fat in the back, abdomen and waist section. It is an extremely suitable method for individuals who are not satisfied with the fat in the hip and waist section. Thanks to this procedure, people get rid of both oily sections and their butts gain a more shaped appearance.

Silicone Implant

This method is performed by adding implants filled with gel between the muscles in order to lift the butt and increase the volume of the buttocks. The implant filling is placed in an area above the pelvic bone and between the large hip muscle. In order to make the procedure more permanent, vaser liposuction is applied around the prostheses.

Butt Prosthesis

In cases where the fat in the butt is not sufficient for the fullness level, silicone prosthesis is preferred. This method helps the hip appear protruding and higher to the back. The prostheses applied by the procedure are products specially designed for the hips.

Butt Lift

It is ideal for individuals who have a collapse in their butt due to weight problems. The skin is removed from the lower part of the abdomen and the upper area of the buttocks and the whole butt area is lifted up by the suspension process.

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