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Chin Aesthetics (Mentoplasty)

Chin Aesthetics (Mentoplasty)

Chin aesthetic applications are the procedure performed to improve the appearance of the chin and to make it more compatible with the rest of the face. In this operation, it is aimed to change the shape of the jaw. While the application can be performed with different techniques such as implant addition in people with small jaws, in individuals with jaw deformities, operations such as displacement, movement or shortening of a part of the jaw can be performed. All of these are determined by the way recommended by the surgeon.

In people with small jaws, implant placement can be performed or a piece taken from another part of the body can be placed in this area. In the case of very long or backward pulled jaw forms, correction can be made by rasping or moving. Recently, it is considered among the most preferred aesthetic operations for any reason.

Chin Aesthetic Process

In jaw aesthetics, the process begins with a preliminary examination with a doctor. During this examination, the doctor performs a facial analysis on the person. Thus, he has an idea about his anatomy. Your wishes are also important in this operation. You can direct your expectations by telling the doctor and plan the final shape of the chin and face together.

If there are other procedures to be applied in addition to jaw aesthetics, you can evaluate it with the doctor’s recommendation. After the preliminary examination, the operation is decided. Various tests are then done and your medical history is reviewed. Jaw aesthetics can be performed with local anesthesia or general anesthesia method.

Non-Surgical Chin Aesthetics

When there is no need for shaping operations such as jaw rasping or implants, it may be possible to improve the appearance of the jaw with applications such as jaw filling. The most preferred of these applications is jaw line filling called jaw line. This is an application to make the line more prominent by transmitting fillings to certain parts of the face to clarify the jaw line.

It is also known as non-surgical jaw aesthetics. It can be completed in an average of half an hour. In this way, the individual gets his new appearance in a short time. In the jaw line application performed in the cosmetic dermatology unit, injections are made with local anesthesia creams. Thus, it is ensured that the relevant area coincides. The person’s pain and suffering are prevented.

Surgical Chin Aesthetics

These procedures, which are called jaw surgery, are performed by plastic surgeons. Applications such as jaw length rasping and jaw rasping are carried out in the operating room environment. In jaw aesthetic procedures performed by surgical method, it may be possible to expand or lengthen small jaws with the jaw implant. Some of these applications are also known as jaw rasping. In chin rasping, the jaw width or length is rasped to match the face of the individual and the shaping process is performed. In jaw-related operations, intervention may also be required for the upper jaw. People who have complaints about the closure of the mouth in the lower or upper jaw may be referred to the dental polyclinic. With orthodontic treatments, the closure of the jaw is corrected and an aesthetic jaw appearance is obtained.

The Process After Jaw Surgery

This surgical application is completed between half an hour and 3 hours on average. The processing time depends on the jaw structure and the procedure to be performed. If the implant is to be used during the operation, small incisions are opened to place these implants. If not, all operation-specific applications are carried out sequentially. The materials to be made and used during the operation will be explained to you by the doctor before the procedure. In such aesthetic applications, silicone jaw implant or gore-tex implant can be preferred.

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