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Dimple Aesthetics

Dimple Aesthetics

Dimple, which occurs close to the lip line during every smile or smile, is possible with dimple aesthetics. It would be correct to say that it is essentially a genetic problem for dimple. It is a condition that occurs due to the shortening of the muscles called zygomaticus, which is formed in the baby in the womb November. Dimples are located in three specific different parts of the human body. Two of them are in the face area and the other one is in the waist section. Depending on the formation process, dimples generally occur later. But dimples that coincide with facial expression lines on the face can be made noticeable later or hidden due to excessive weight gain.

What is Dimple Aesthetics?

Dimple aesthetics has become extremely popular with names such as Josh Holloway, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt and Miranda Kerr, who are famous around the world, having this operation. They are single- or double-sided slight dimples that form on the cheeks at a point close to the lip edge lines during laughing or smiling. In the medical field, the application called dimpleplasty is preferred in the cheek section, chin or waist area.

This application, which makes it possible to achieve 100 percent natural results, is completed in an average of half an hour. At the end of the applied procedure, a more attractive, aesthetic and more cute image is obtained thanks to the contribution of dimples on the individual’s face. Therefore, anyone who wishes, regardless of whether they are a man or a woman, can have this operation.

How is Dimple Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

We can say the following about dimple aesthetic surgery:

  • Depending on the face shape of the individual, the area to be dimpled is determined by the physician and the patient.
  • According to the request of the person, it is decided whether there will be dimples that become noticeable constantly or only when laughing.
  • Small incisions are made in the relevant area and a small piece is removed from the November.
  • A pit occurs in the area due to the removed November and the incision is sutured.
  • It is essential that the person pays close attention to oral hygiene for only two days.
  • After an average of one week, the edema and bruises in the patient disappear. The stitches in the mouth, on the other hand, will melt over time and disappear.
  • In this way, the individual achieves the dimpled appearance he has dreamed of with dimple aesthetics.

Who is Dimple Aesthetics Performed For?

  • This application is suitable for almost all types of face shapes. According to the individual’s request, it can be one-sided or it can also be double-sided. Although the most effective results occur in individuals with plump facial features, it is also possible to obtain an eye-catching image by performing this application in individuals with weak cheeks.

How Many Years Does Dimple Aesthetics Remain?

The level of salience may differ depending on weight gain and loss. Like other plastic surgery applications, it is a one-time procedure. In addition, if the individual is not satisfied with the image obtained after this operation or is bored with the dimples later, it may be possible to eliminate the dimples with a very small intervention. Therefore, we can say that it also provides an advantage due to the fact that it is an extremely easy process to convert.

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