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Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid aesthetic procedures are an element of aesthetic completion related to cheeks and eyebrows. It plays an important role in facial rejuvenation procedures.

From the thirties, sagging, piling on the upper eyelid, overflow of adipose tissue outward in the lower eyelid begins to occur. Sometimes the length of the eyelid lengthens and crow’s feet become apparent around the eyes along with facial expressions.

Eyelid aesthetic applications are the process of removing excess skin or orbital fat. The eyelids and eyes, which are the invariable elements of beauty and aesthetics, are also the first areas in which the symptoms of aging on the face are observed. One of the aesthetic applications that has recently increased in popularity is eyelid aesthetics for this reason.

What is Eyelid Aesthetics?

This type of surgery makes it possible to remove sagging, lumps, bagging, bruising and collapses on the eyelid and thus achieve a young and beautiful appearance. In eyelid aesthetics, the upper eyelid is evaluated together with the forehead and eyebrows, and the lower eyelid is evaluated together with the cheek. Excess fat in the upper eyelid area is removed and sagging skin is eliminated. Eyebrow lifting is also performed when necessary.

If there is a low eyelid November, the muscles that lift the eyelid are reduced and thus the lids are raised up. If there is a collapse in the eyes, plumping is achieved with fat injection. The impaired eyelid and cheek ratio is also corrected in the lower eyelid area. The oils that are bagged on the lower lid are taken and moved to the upper part of the cheek.

What Are the Types of Eye Aesthetics?

The types of eye aesthetics are:

  • Almond eye aesthetics
  • Lower and upper eyelid aesthetics
  • Lower eyelid aesthetics,
  • Upper eyelid aesthetics,

Upper Eyelid Aesthetics

One of the most performed operations in recent times is upper eyelid aesthetics. Often, edema, excess skin, fat and muscle on the eyelids occur due to many reasons, such as advancing age, smoking and alcohol intake, excessive weight loss November. To eliminate them, upper eyelid aesthetics are performed. The procedure is completed in about half an hour with local anesthesia.

Lower Eyelid Aesthetics

Lower eyelid aesthetics is performed when the individual has excess skin and edema problems in the lower eyelids. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Lasts about an hour. No November is taken from the relevant area, only the herniated adipose tissue is taken. If necessary, a portion of the adipose tissue is distributed to that area and a fuller image is obtained. Unlike the aesthetic operations of the upper eyelid, as much skin is removed as possible.

Lower and Upper Eyelid Aesthetics

It is the procedure applied to both the upper and lower eyelids of the individual. If the eyelids look tired, if there is excess skin, wrinkles and sagging, this application will be an ideal method. The procedure is usually performed with general anesthesia. It is completed in about two hours.

Almond Eye Aesthetics

It is one of the most preferred applications of recent times. It is performed with general anesthesia and is completed in about half an hour. The appearance of the upper and lower eyelid hangs on the upper bone. The appearance of the eye acquires a slanting structure.

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