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Fat Injection

Fat Injection

There are many different methods and tools of the fat injection process. Basically, the oils are taken with liposuction injectors and transferred to a different injector. Then it is injected into new places. There is no need for cuts and stitches at both stages. Only local anesthesia is sufficient.

What Does Fat Injection Success Depend On

The success of fat injection application literally depends on the preferred tools and technique. Until recently, it was about the melting of the fats given. However, a serious progress has taken place in the last few years and the probability of retention of the oils has increased significantly. The inside of the needle used at this stage should be specially prepared. The aim is to correct the metal components that may be inside the cannula and to prevent damage to the cells. There are various techniques and details such as the fact that the received cells are not circulated with air, the sizes of injectors where oils are given, the pressure applied. The main thing at this stage is the tools used.

In Which Area is Fat Injection Performed?

Oils are most often preferred in the facial section. Fat injections can be performed to thicken the appearance of the lips, fill in the deep wrinkles located at the edge of the mouth and eliminate them, make the cheekbones look fuller, and sometimes make it possible to make the lower jaw look larger.

However, fat injection is also often preferred in order to correct the shape of the hips, correct the errors of liposuction that have been done before and lead to collapses. After some accident situations, fat injection process can be applied. For example, if any depression has occurred on the forehead, this section can be filled with oil.

It would not be correct to call fat injection an operation. We can say that there is a Decoupling between Botox and a small operation. The procedure usually takes about twenty minutes, and local anesthesia remains sufficient.

What Are the Complications of Fat Injection?

The fat injection procedure is essentially a risk-free procedure and may contain a low risk of infection. At this point, small-sized abscesses may form in the relevant area. For treatment, dressings and antibiotics are sufficient. One of the last problems that may arise in the fat injection process is the melting of fats. It is very rare to see asymmetry due to the fact that the supplied oils always melt homogeneously. This means that if the oils in the left part of your lip have melted, the oils in the right part may also melt. The melting state of the fats does not cause any health problems and this process can be repeated optionally.

Where To Get Fat For Fat Injection?

For the fat injection process, fats are mostly taken from the abdominal section with the help of special liposuction injectors. The hip and waist areas are also frequently preferred places. Fat taken from the legs and arms of individuals who are scheduled for liposuction may also be preferred for fat injection.

Does Fat Injection Provide Permanent Fullness?

The persistence of fat injection is an important issue. The longer the fat cells transferred to the new place live, the more permanent this process is. With some equipment developed in recent years, the oils taken are transferred to the relevant area by preventing contact with the air. This reduces tissue loss to a minimum. In this way, the persistence time of the oils is prolonged.

This is the reason why the fat injection process is superior to plumping applications. The rate at which fat cells can remain alive varies depending on the preferred surgical material, the way fat is removed and given, and whether fat is processed or not.

Up to 40 percent of the transmitted oils can be permanent for six months. Therefore, in some cases, the process may need to be repeated. In sedentary areas, the probability of success is much greater.

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