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Fat Removal In Men

Fat Removal In Men

Since the problem of lubrication is the most common problem today, fat removal in men is one of the most frequently performed practices. It is the process of removing excessive amounts of fats in the female or male body by entering through small and inconspicuous holes with the help of various devices. This fat removal technique is called general liposuction.

What is Fat Removal in Men?

The main purpose of fat removal application is to bring the body to the desired shape and form. The level of fat taken differs according to the excess fat in the individual’s body and the shape of the body. As the name of the fat removal technique in men suggests, liposuction is an operation to shape the fat mass with liposuction. Techniques for fat removal in men include:

  • Laser lipolysis plus
  • Classical laser liposuction
  • Vaserliposuction
  • Classical liposuction

What are Fat Removal Techniques for Men?

Methods of fat removal in men can be explained as follows:

Classical liposuction: It is the process of intervening in the adipose tissue with cannulas without performing different procedures inside the tissue. First, the disintegration of tissues is achieved with laser beams. Due to the thickness of the cannulas used, the pain, bruising and healing process takes a little longer after surgery. Therefore, there is a possibility of fluctuation in the area where the oil is taken. It is necessary to wear a corset for at least four weeks after the application.

Vaser liposuction: In this technique, ultrasound waves called vaser are first transmitted to the inner part of the tissue. In this way, the breakdown of fats is ensured. Fats that are broken down with cannulas are vacuumed and taken out of the body. After this procedure, it is important to wear a corset for at least four weeks, as in the classical liposuction technique. Pain and bruising may be more common according to the laser lipolysis plus technique. For this reason, there is a fluctuation in the area where the oil is taken.

Power assisted liposuction: In this method, vibration is transmitted to the relevant area of the body and the breakdown of fat tissues is ensured. By transmitting vibration, it becomes possible to aspirate fats through cannulas. In this application, even the more superficial and harder fatty tissues can be broken down due to the transmitted vibrations. Thus, it is possible that the level of fat excreted from the body increases.

Is Liposuction Different for Men?

The problem of lubrication in men is usually in the body. Men’s chest, waist, side abdomen, back and back side sections, jowl area are mostly places with lubrication problem. In recent periods, female-type breast formation also often occurs in male individuals. Male breast growth, which is more common during puberty, can be eliminated with the application of fat removal if it does not improve after puberty. If the reason for the fat removal process in men is the excessive growth and hardening of the breast gland, then it is necessary to remove the breast tissue in this area as well. With a small incision, the fat tissue can be intervened without leaving a trace under the breast head. Thus, excess lubrication in the breast tissue is removed.

How Should Fat Removal Be in Men?

The muscle ratio in men is higher than in women. Because of this, the practice of removing fat from the muscular area, which is fatty in men, makes it possible to create a more athletic and muscular image, except for the elimination of the fatty image. Fat removal practices in men are no different from fat removal procedures performed for women. Depending only on the male anatomy, some shaping can be done in the application of fat removal in men. In the fat removal process, excessive fat in the relevant area is removed without damaging the tissues. General anesthesia is also preferred in terms of not being a very painful condition, especially since the entire fatty area located in the upper part of the November is in question.

What Should Be the Fat Rate in Men?

In male individuals, physiologically, adiposity differs according to age and anatomical structure. According to women, the muscle ratio is more in men November. In general, it varies between 10-20 percent Dec. Due to the fact that the amount of muscle and metabolic rate in men is greater, the rate of fat November is also less than in women.

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