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Laser Lipolysis Plus

Laser Lipolysis Plus

This method eliminates unwanted fat with two different wave lengths; while on the other hand, it provides regional thinning and gives elasticity to the tissue. It makes stretching, recovery and tightening possible.

Laser lipolysis plus technique is a procedure that damages the adipose tissue by transmitting laser energy to the inner part of the adipose tissue and allows the breakdown of fat cells, giving flexibility to the tissue. It also offers tightening, recovery and flexibility. It is a technique made with FDA-approved devices. Body shaping is carried out for the purpose of regional slimming, correction of body contours. It makes it possible both regional thinning and tightening.

What is the Difference from Classical Laser Lipolysis?

The process performed with a double wavelength provides regional thinning with the first wavelength, recovery, stretching and tightening with the second wavelength.

Laser energy is used to melt fat cells. With this energy, the functions of fat cells deteriorate and fat cells break down.

  • The second wavelength preferred in the laser lipolysis plus process is a process that stimulates elastin and collagen fibers, which allows tissues to gain flexibility. Due to this, it improves tissue quality and promotes regional thinning. It has the capacity to stretch and tighten the skin. The application offers an equal and waveless image in the area where it is made. The melted adipose tissue is removed from the body with a vacuum containing low pressure. If the amount is small, it is left in the relevant area for the body to naturally excrete it. It is a method that provides healing in a short time.
  • The laser preferred in the classical laser lipolysis procedure does not have a wavelength that makes it possible to tighten the tissue, encourages the production of connective tissue and tightens it. Therefore, fat cells are melted and removed, after which sagging, loosening, pitting or a wavy appearance may occur. In addition to adipose tissue, surrounding tissues may also be damaged. High damage to the tissues reveals the possibility of bruising and bleeding.

Who Is Laser Lipolysis Plus Suitable For?

This method can be preferred for both men and women.

  • Elimination of unwanted regional fat and shaping of the relevant area
  • Tightening and stretching of areas with sagging and looseness
  • In the armpit area in order to eliminate the sweating problem
  • It is an effective technique in areas where the desired thinning and tightening cannot be achieved despite sports and diet.

This technique, which has a high effectiveness in eliminating regional sagging and adiposity, can be preferred in all kinds of body areas where there is unwanted adipose tissue.

After Laser Lipolysis Plus

Before the procedure, the areas where regional lubrication occurs are marked. Anesthetic components are injected into the relevant area so that the individual is not adversely affected by the heat energy generated by the laser equipment. Wait about 15 minutes. Then the laser head is transmitted into the adipose tissue. It is ensured that the tissue is moved through all its layers. A 15-60 minute session is enough for each section.

Since the incision made for the procedure is approximately 1-2 m in size, stitches with a self-melting property are used. These seams leave no traces. After the procedure, the area is closed with a bandage and the bandage remains for 4-5 days. Normal life can be returned a few days after the operation.

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