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Muscle Aesthetics

Muscle Aesthetics

In modern aesthetic understanding and in terms of improving the quality of life, the ideal male image is explained by a muscular, athletic and fit body structure. Especially muscular and broad shoulders, lean abdomen, muscular arms, prominent abdominal muscles are the inevitable elements of an aesthetic and healthy appearance.

Among the Deciphering factors that do not have a muscular and athletic body are:

  • Physical conditioning and strength
  • Regular and long-term sports program
  • Sleep patterns
  • Eating habits
  • Distribution of fat in the body
  • The proportion of fat in the body
  • How much the body tends to increase muscle ratio can be counted.

One of the most important criteria for having an athletic and muscular body is undoubtedly heredity. The body’s tendency to raise the level of muscle, and the ratio of adipose tissue in the body is a hereditary condition. Because of this, some individuals can have a muscular body without intensely effort. For some, it is difficult to have an athletic body. Our body stores most of its adipose tissue in the waist and abdomen. Therefore, unwanted fat occurs in the abdominal area of many individuals. The abdominal muscles are the most difficult to make visible due to the adipose tissue located on them.

What is Muscle Aesthetics?

Muscle aesthetics are body shaping procedures to have a dynamic, healthy, athletic, fit and muscular body. The application is carried out by protecting or increasing the fat tissue in the sections where the muscles are curved and by removing the fat tissue in the sections where the muscles are pitted by liposuction technique. Thus, the muscles are clarified and made more visible. Muscle aesthetic procedures support shaping muscle mass and the emergence of muscles that are naturally seen in an athletic body. The procedure, in which no implants or materials are applied to the body from the outside, only makes the muscles in the body much more prominent and helps the individual to achieve a muscular and fit appearance.

To Whom Is Muscle Aesthetics Performed?

The application of muscle aesthetics, which makes it possible to achieve satisfactory results in individuals who cannot achieve the athletic, fit and muscular body they dream of despite diet and sports:

  • Individuals who do not have obesity problems and have regional fat excess,
  • To middle and young age men who want to have an athletic appearance
  • People who have difficulty in developing muscle tissue and converting it into visible form,
  • It can be applied to individuals who do not have time to implement an intensive sports program and want to have a muscular body in a short time.

How is Muscle Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

This operation is an application that allows not only the removal of excess fat, but also a dynamic, healthy, athletic, fit and muscular body design. By evaluating the ratio of fat and muscle in the body, a special muscle aesthetic operation is planned for the individual. In modern aesthetic understanding, not only the body structure that is shaped by certain areas and not natural looking is adopted, but also the athletic and fit body with obvious muscles that usually harmonize with each other. Therefore, muscle aesthetic procedures serve exactly this purpose.

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