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Neck Lift

Neck lift operation is a surgical application in which all the neck skin and the muscle and fat tissues under the skin, including the tickle area, are stretched from the lower part of the jaw and the excess tissues are removed in order to eliminate the sagging, wrinkles and loosening in the neck area.

Neck lift can be performed alone or at the same time it can be done with fat injection to the face, face lift, filling and Botox applications if necessary. Thus, it will be possible to achieve successful results.

Who is Suitable for Neck Lift Surgery?

With the effect of reasons such as gravity, genetic factors, frequent weight gain and loss, smoking, environmental conditions, stress and age, the healthy and young image of the neck and face can be lost over time. As a result, there may be sagging, wrinkles and volume loss in the skin and soft tissues under the skin. Neck lift procedures offer a firmer, elegant and smoother appearance for the chin and neck.

Even if no different changes are made in the face area, bringing the wrinkled or sagging neck into a tense shape significantly changes the appearance of the individual. This helps the person to look younger and more beautiful. A neck lift operation helps to restore the balance of facial qualities by offering a better jaw line that surrounds the remaining area of the face.

Preparation Before Neck Lift Surgery

As before every operation, a detailed examination is performed by the doctor in this procedure. The operation technique is explained to the individual by the doctor. In addition, the diseases that individuals have, the types of previous surgeries are also told to the doctor.

People who use blood thinners before surgery should take a break from them for a while. As in every application with anesthesia, it is necessary to interrupt feeding at least six hours before this procedure. The doctor will tell you how long this period will be.

In face and neck lift operations, the upper age limit is determined by the suitability of the individual for surgery. Anyone who does not have any health problem that prevents the operation can have this procedure. Smoking before and after the operation should not be used for a while because smoking will adversely affect blood flow.

How is Neck Lift Surgery Performed?

The application is performed with general anesthesia in the operating room. It takes approximately 3-5 hours. The neck lift operation curls behind the ear from the lower area of the earlobe with incisions starting in front of the ear. Then it progresses into the scalp and is completed with incisions under the chin. At this stage, the loose tissues in the lower part of the skin and on the muscle tissue are intervened. The skin is stretched and the excess is removed. Thus, tension is achieved not only in the neck, but also in the face.

After Neck Lift Surgery

4-6 hours after the operation, the individual begins to be carried out and fed. The drains placed in the operation are usually removed after 1-2 days. Bandages remain for an estimated week. Mild pains that can be managed with heavy incisors may occur. The swelling and bruising that occurs after the operation heals in a short time depending on the skin structure of the person. Usually these disappear within 1 week. In order to disappear the swelling in a shorter time, ice should be applied as recommended by the doctor.

Are there any scars after neck lift surgery?

After the neck lift operation, there are no permanent and uncomfortable scars in terms of appearance. The visible scars will only be in front of the ear, and these will also disappear over time.

What are the Risks of Neck Lift Surgery?

In this operation, as in every surgical application, there are various risks arising from surgery and anesthesia. In order to prevent the risks that may occur, the analysis and examination before the application is very important. The risk of bloodshed after the operation is not expected to be too much. However, in order to prevent this risk, small drains are placed behind the ear in the operation.

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