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Permalip Lip Silicon

Permalip Lip Silicon

It is a technique that is suitable for anyone who wants their lips to look fuller. Permalip is often preferred in lip aesthetic applications.

What is Permalip Lip Silicone?

Permalip application, known as permanent silicone lip, is a frequently applied procedure in lip aesthetics. It is made to the desired places on the lip and provides clarity to the lines. It is performed in a polyclinic environment and with local anesthesia creams applied on the lip. On average, it has a permanence of 8-12 months. It is a practice that has become popular recently due to the change in the look of the plump looking lips and lips. It is an aesthetic procedure frequently applied by individuals who want permanent lip filling. In this application, there is not much difference in terms of silicone materials used in other parts of the body. Only the amount of filler and the level of hardness will be different.

Permalip is a silicone with a soft consistency and solid form. After placement in the appropriate place, it is not felt, and its permanence is for a long time. This silicone is produced in different sizes and the ideal size is selected according to the person’s lip measurements and post-application image request. Silicone, which is 3 mm thick, is used to transform the thinning lip image into its old shape with the progression of age. While 4 mm silicone is sufficient for a medium-sized lip appearance, 5 or 6 mm silicones are suitable for those who want a more exaggerated image.

In normal lip anatomy, the upper lips are longer than the lower lips. While solid lip silicone is applied to both lips, larger sized silicone is preferred to the upper lip. Before the application, lip measurements should be taken well and the lip arch should be taken into account.

How is Permalip Done?

Permalip application is performed with materials similar to silicones used in breast prostheses. Permalip, which is a completely smooth component, is used in various sizes according to lip sizes such as breast prostheses. After the measurement of the individual’s lip width and size, the appropriate permalip placement is performed. There are permalips of different length and thickness.

Permalip procedure can be performed for both upper and lower lips. It is a process that takes an average of half an hour. A small incision is made in the area where both lips meet. Then, with the help of special equipment, permalip is placed in the red area of the lip with the help of these incisions. During the procedure, the melting seam is used. Therefore, the permalip application does not leave a trace. It is not clear that there was any intervention on the lips. When permanent lip augmentation is achieved, there is no need to repeat this application again.

What is the Post-Permalip Process?

After permalip application, the lips remain numb for two or four hours. During this time, it is important not to make too many mouth movements in order not to bite the lip, which is not felt. Lips may normally appear more swollen for 2-3 days after application. However, the swelling will decrease after a short time. Permalip silicone does not burst, is not felt, and does not flow. After the first one or two days does not cause pain.

What Should Be Considered After Permalipe?

One or two days of rest is sufficient after permalip silicone placed to provide permanent growth on the lip. In some people, slight swelling and edema may occur after the application. It is important to apply ice at intervals of 3 to 4 hours after the procedure. In this way, swelling and pain will disappear in a shorter time. Painkillers and antibiotics are prescribed by a doctor.

An average of one week after the application, the shape of the lip becomes apparent. It does not get old, does not crumble and does not wear out. It is also very compatible with the body. We can say that it does not cause any allergic reactions either. Permalip is not felt when kissing. When silicone is used, which is suitable for the shape of the individual’s lips, it is not noticed from the outside.

Prices for this application may vary in each institution. The experience of the surgeon performing the application, the quality of the preferred materials and the services provided to ensure customer satisfaction are the factors that determine the price level. After a detailed check, you can contact us for individual plans.

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