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Slim Lipo (Laser Lipolysis Plus)

Slim Lipo (Laser Lipolysis Plus)

Many different techniques are used in liposuction operations performed to shape the body or regional thinning. These techniques are power-assisted liposuction, vaserliposuction, classical laser liposuction and slimlipo technique, ie laser lipolysis plus.

What are Liposuction Methods?

There are many different liposuction techniques. The most popular among them are:

Classical liposuction: This liposuction method, which is the most well-known and has a long history, is the process of aspirating adipose tissue directly with cannulas without the need for an auxiliary procedure for the tissue. First, the tissues are broken down with laser beams and then the tissues are aspirated. Due to the thick of the preferred cannulas, bruising, pain and healing process may take a long time after surgery. Therefore, there is a possibility of some fluctuations in the area where fat is taken from the body. It is necessary to use a corset for at least four weeks after the application.

Vaserliposuction: In this technique, first of all, ultrasound waves called vaser are transmitted into the adipose tissue and this fat tissue is broken down. Then, the fat tissues broken down by cannulas are aspirated with vacuums. In this way, it is ensured that the fat tissues are taken out. At the end of this application, as in the classical liposuction technique, a corset should be worn for at least four weeks. Pain and bruising may be more than laser lipolysis plus technique. For this reason, there is a possibility of fluctuation in the area where the oil is taken.

Power-assisted liposuction: Another of the liposuction techniques is the power-assisted method that breaks down fats through vibration. After the transmitted vibrations, the oils are aspirated with cannulas and discharged. In this application, it may be possible to break down the superficial and hard oils. It also supports the increase in the amount of fats excreted from the body.

What is SlimLipo (Laser Lipolysis Plus)?

The slimlipo method, one of the liposuction technicians, breaks down fat cells and tissues by transmitting laser energy into the adipose tissue. In this way, it allows the body to achieve a desired appearance. With this technique, the cells that give the tissue its elasticity are stimulated. It has positive effects such as tightening, stretching and recovery in the body.

Laser lipolysis plus technique is performed using two wavelengths. To achieve thinning and tightening, the 924 nm wavelength first breaks down fat cells and tissues. After that, tightening becomes possible with a wavelength of 957 nm. In this technique, which is FDA approved, the loss of fat tissue is ensured by laser beams that have wavelength specific to adipose tissue. Then the aspirating process of the tissues broken down by cannulas is performed. If the Slimlipo technique is applied to a small amount of tissue, the tissues are left in the relevant area without being aspirated. Over time, it is absorbed by the body. In this method, which is applied with the latest technological equipment, patients recover in a short time. After the procedure, the use of a corset is required for a maximum of three weeks.

To Whom Is SlimLipo (Laser Lipolysis Plus) Applied?

  • Slimlipo technique is ideal for everyone who has a regional fat loss problem without noticing men and women. It is an ideal technique since there is minimal bruising and pain in the body.
  • It can be applied from the age of 16 for women and 18 for men.

Which Areas Is SlimLipo Technique Applied to in Regional Slimming?

Slimlipo application can be applied to any area of the body where unwanted adipose tissue is located. It is especially preferred for areas such as breast, tickle, arms, waist, back and abdomen.

What is the Difference between SlimLipo and VaserLiposuction?

Slimlipo laser effect allows fat cells to melt with two different wavelengths. In this way, it makes it possible to tighten. It is an ideal technique for fatty areas, especially those that are stubborn, persistent and resistant. The most important feature is that bruising is minimal in the application area. It appeals to those who want to get rid of both fat and tighten. In other techniques, it does not have tightening properties.

The Vaser liposuction technique makes it possible to expel these cells with ultrasin waves without dying fat cells. In this application, bruising occurs more. Bandage and printing time is longer.

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