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Avicenna’s Traditional Medicine

Avicenna’s Traditional Medicine

Decapitation is quite popular among the methods of traditional medicine. Cupping, also known as a kind of detox technique, was found in Chinese and India…

Today, when it comes to alternative medicine methods, leech therapy is one of them. The effect of this treatment is based on three main pillars. The…

Avicenna Traditional Medicine

Born in 980, Avicenna was a physician and scientist. He has influenced the world with his various works. His works have been taught as lectures in universities in Europe for many years. In Western culture, it is known as Avicenna. He is on the list of the hundred most famous scientists in the world. Between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries it was cited as a medical reference all over the world. It is predominantly concentrated in areas such as astronomy, medicine, physics, mathematics and philosophy. Avicenna’s Medical Law is among the most important works in the history of medicine.

What is Avicenna Medicine?

Avicenna was the physician who performed the first appendicitis surgery an average of a thousand years ago. At the same time, diseases such as schizophrenia, diabetes, cataract, which were considered incurable at that time, were cured with various applications. In this way, it has revolutionized the medical field. In Avicenna medicine, people are divided into four basic temperaments as sodavis, phlegms, safravis and demevi according to their spiritual and physical characteristics. The four basic elements of nature manifest themselves in different amounts in these temperaments. The basis of this medicine is to ensure the balance of the elements of nature that are suitable for the individual’s own temperament.In Avicenna medicine, the temperament of places, seasons, animals, plants, drinks, food, diseases and organs is described. The deterioration of the balance between the individual’s own temperament and the resulting qualities that adapt to this temperament is considered to cause various disorders.

In this medicine, which is a scientific method integrity, it is accepted as the provision of health, mental and physical balance. The doctor first determines the temperament of the person. It treats the disorders caused by the deterioration of the spiritual and physical balance by offering you this balance back.

What are the Treatment Options in Avicenna Medicine?

In Avicenna medicine, the doctor determines the treatment for your discomfort according to the conditions that disrupt your mental and physical balance and your temperament. These treatments are literally individualized. These:

Nutrition Therapy

According to Avicenna, man feeds in eight ways. These are the social environment, sexuality, touching, thinking, seeing, hearing, smelling and eating. Your doctor questions all your eating habits and makes the necessary adjustments. Then it prepares your nutrition program that is suitable for your temperament. In this way, it helps to restore your spiritual and physical balance.

Cupping Treatment

Among the methods of traditional medicine, cupping is quite popular. It is often used to treat various ailments.

Cup Treatment (Cupping)

Modern medical technologies, which have recently jumped with the development of science, are improving health standards with a variety of treatment methods every day. However, in addition to the scientific methods provided by modern medicine, various methods that have been preferred for many years continue to exist with traditional medicine. One of them is the cupping treatment.

Leech Treatment

Leech treatment, which makes a difference with its 3500-year history, draws attention as a natural treatment option. This treatment method continues to be widely used especially in Anatolian geography.

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