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Fractional Laser

Fractional Laser

Fractional laser procedures are a technique used to create an anti-aging effect, to eliminate acne scars, to tighten soft tissues, to renew the skin, to correct wrinkles around the eyes and to remove blemishes. It produces healing columns known as myxothermal zones on the skin. This process eliminates old epidermal pigment cells. It penetrates deeply into the skin and targets the microthermal area intensively. It does not affect the surrounding tissues, as it is aimed at healing in the relevant area. It is an ideal technique to create a new, healthy and tight tissue to eliminate skin imperfections.

What is Fractional?

Fractional laser procedure is a preferred device for the purpose of refreshing and renewing the skin. The reason why this procedure is preferred is that it has a therapeutic effect on skin renewal and does not have side effects. The application can be done for individuals of all ages who have scars, blemishes and slight wrinkles on their skin. It can be used for conditions such as acne, acne scar, scarring, facial tightening and cracking. This device acts on the lower and upper layers of the skin. During the procedure, light is transmitted to the skin in microscopic columns. In practice, collagen structures, water-containing structures such as keratin acids and the skin are damaged in a controlled manner. The intact and living cells in the damaged area next to the damaged area go to the relevant area and stimulate the repair mechanism there. In this way, tissue and cell renewal takes place in the area where these columns are sent. During this renewal, the spots on the upper skin are also treated. It also stimulates the production of new collagen in the skin.

How is Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing and Cleansing Performed?

The device opens microchannels on the surface of the skin, especially to a certain depth. In this way, a controlled wound occurs on the skin. The living cells around these micro-channels take action to rearrange the wounds there and produce more collagen. As a result, a wound formation mechanism begins here. With intensive collagen production, the skin rejuvenation stage begins.

Fractional laser gives effective results especially for problems such as scars, acne scars, keloid, burn scars in addition to skin rejuvenation. After fractional laser, small crusts form on the skin. Therefore, the procedure is mostly carried out in the winter season. These are microshells that are invisible to the eye. After a while, they fall off and disappear. There is no harm. Full cleaning of the crusts takes up to 4-6 days. After the shedding of crusts, a live skin surface appears. The application areas of fractional laser in individuals are different. It can be used not only for skin rejuvenation but also for different treatments. We can also say that it is a very effective method for wart treatments.

What are the Areas of Use of Fractional Laser?

Anti-aging procedures can be performed with the help of fractional laser. In this way, the skin is tightened and all kinds of scars on the skin are eliminated. Thanks to the procedure, small tunnels opened in the skin promote rapid healing. With the collagen produced, the skin heals quickly. Therefore, it is one of the most preferred techniques. It is a painless and painless method. It is used for the following topics:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Narrowing large skin pores
  • Repair of lifeless and loose skin
  • Postpartum scars, cracks caused by weight gain
  • Surgical scars and suture marks
  • Razor marks
  • Genital area and armpit whitening
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