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Genital Area Whitening

Genital Area Whitening

Pregnancy may darken the genital area due to hormonal changes, childbirth, improper use of underwear, disorders in weight balance and different infections. Many women may experience a lack of self-confidence and aesthetic concerns due to the darkening of the color of their vagina. However, with the genital area whitening process, it is possible for women to improve their quality of life. This situation offers an additional benefit in terms of the sexual lives of the couples.

What is Genital Area Whitening?

Genital area whitening is an application that includes various topical creams, laser treatments and peelings to lighten the color tone of the bikini area and the surrounding skin. Although it is called genital whitening, the inner area of the vagina is outside this application. Among the people, genital area whitening is also known as bikini area whitening and vagina whitening.

Why Is Genital Area Whitening Done?

As a result of darkening of the color tone of the genital area, various treatments can be applied. The satisfaction rate of individuals is extremely high, especially when it comes to whitening with laser technique. Darkening of the bikini area is a condition that is not liked by women. In fact, it can also negatively affect sexual life in some women. Avoidance of sexual contact due to darkening in the bikini area may also occur.

After pregnancy hormonal reasons, age, weight, genetic factors, infections bikini area the wrong Underpants, The lifestyle of the bikini area, hair removal processes for reasons such as the genital area may darken the color of the vagina. Some women prefer razors for feather cleaning. This, in turn, promotes the darkening of the vagina. At the same time, various products preferred to prevent odors in the vagina can also lead to this problem.

Because of all this, genital area whitening application is seen as an ideal solution. There are also women who use creams to eliminate darkening of the genital area. Special zone whitening creams are offered for sale on many platforms. However, it is important not to believe every product offered for sale as a genital area whitening cream. Such products can create various problems on the skin. Therefore, genital whitening is a much safer technique.

How is Genital Area Whitening Done?

The bikini area whitening process is known as genital whitening applications. These methods are aesthetic applications. It is carried out in a very short time. We can say that there are painless, practical and painless procedures. In laser applications, melanin pigments that cause darkening in the genital area are destroyed. As a result of their destruction, the state of darkening of the genital area also ends. Laser beams also stimulate the tissues in the skin of the vaginal area. Thus, this area presents a more youthful image.

How Long Does the Genital Area Whitening Process Take?

The vagina whitening process is performed with laser technique. Laser lightening treatments usually take up to twenty minutes. Local anesthetic creams are used in the genital area before the application. In this way, pain and painful sensations in the relevant area are prevented. There is no need for general anesthesia in the genital whitening procedure performed with laser. It is an extremely simple, painless and painless technique.

What Should Be Considered After the Genital Area Whitening Procedure?

After application, attention should be paid to the hygiene of the vaginal area. The vaginal area should be kept dry. Preference should be given to cotton underwear. At the same time, a balanced diet should be provided, the vaginal area should be kept away from the shower. Weight should not be gained. Because excessive weight gain also promotes darkening of the genital area.

How Is Sexual Life Affected After Genital Whitening?

Many women are cautious about sexual life due to genital darkening. Because at this stage, aesthetic concerns come into play. However, at the end of the procedure, sexual life is also positively affected.

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