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Laser Epilation

Laser Epilation

Diverse Aesthetic allows your skin to become smooth with its latest technological equipment in the field of laser epilation. It continues to respond to your expectations with laser epilation prices.

What is Laser Epilation?

Laser epilation method is the process of destroying and permanently destroying the existing but unwanted hair follicles in the human body with invisible rays. In 1998, professors at Massachusetts General Hospital found that laser beams would work for hair loss. In this way, the laser epilation method has emerged. With the technological developments, the temperature, safety and technical problems of the equipment used in laser epilation have been eliminated. In this way, the time-wasting, routine hair removal situation is eliminated.

What is the Importance of Skin Color in Laser Epilation?

Laser beams must be able to attach to the substance called melanin, which gives the hair root its color. Due to the low level of melanin in individuals with a light skin color, laser beams may have difficulty in seeing the hair follicles. Therefore, it may be possible to get late results. The presence of dark hair follicles in light-skinned individuals makes it faster to get results. The reason why laser epilation is more effective in individuals with darker skin color is that the melanin level is high in these people and therefore the rays can see the hair follicles. This makes it possible to achieve faster results and to destroy the hair follicles quickly. For this reason, we can say that laser epilation application is more effective in individuals with bronze and brown skin color.

What are the Types of Laser Epilation?

The preferred type of epilation varies according to gender, skin type, hair follicle and hair color. The laser epilation methods used today can be listed as follows:

Ruby Laser Hair Removal Method

It works with a wavelength of 694 nm. It shows more effect on light-colored skin type and short hairs. It is mostly preferred in areas with thin and small hairs, such as above the lips.

Ice Laser Hair Removal Method

Diode is also known in the form of laser. It is applied at a wavelength of 800 nm. It is mainly used on fine hairs. This laser epilation device used at close range must be applied to the cooler gel before it. It is a suitable method for all skin types. It can even be said that it is an ideal method for ingrown hair follicles. There is also a manual adjustment feature. Therefore, it is also an ideal technique for people with dark skin type.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Method

It works with a wavelength of 755 nm. It has a great title. Therefore, it can be easily used in large areas. It has a high level of coolant function. Thus, it prevents laser beams from damaging the skin. Suitable for mostly light-skinned people.

Nd: Fat Laser Hair Removal Method

It has a wave size of 1064. It is characterized by long shots and a wide hood. It is a suitable technique for all skin types, both light and dark. Unlike other devices, heat shots are felt more.

What Should Be Considered Before Laser Epilation?

Before laser hair removal, it is important to pay attention to:

  • In order for the laser beams to see the hair follicle, the procedures that remove the hair follicle should not be performed at least twenty days before the procedure.
  • Applications such as tanning and solarium should not be performed at least one and a half months before epilation.
  • It should be reported especially if there are various drugs used.
  • Chemical peeling procedures should be avoided until fifteen days before the procedure.
  • The hair should be shortened with a razor the day before entering the session.
  • In the laser procedure to be performed for the face, the makeup on the skin should be removed.
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