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Laser Spot Treatment

Laser Spot Treatment

The application of laser beams by sending laser rays to the spot in order to permanently destroy the spots located on the skin surface is called laser spot treatment. The root of the spots that appear on the skin surface is the lower layer of the skin. Access to this layer is possible with laser devices.

In addition, surface applications do not help to completely remove skin spots. Therefore, it is an effective way to perform this application by preferring materials that show their effect up to the lower part of the skin. Laser spot treatment can be performed for spots in every part of the body.

What is Laser Spot Treatment?

As it is known, laser technology has recently been used in the treatment of many ailments and in medical aesthetic procedures. Laser is now a must in various aesthetic procedures such as spot removal, epilation, fat removal.

With this application it is possible to obtain temporary and permanent solutions. There is no need for serious criteria for treatment. Therefore, laser spot treatment is suitable for almost everyone. For this procedure, it is sufficient to meet various conditions such as the ideal functioning of the person’s hormone systems, having completed the age of 18, the absence of infectious diseases and the absence of skin problems.

With the doctor’s control, it is determined whether you are suitable for laser spot treatment. Some individuals may have chronic illness. These can prevent exposure to laser beams. For this reason, you should definitely tell your doctor whether you have a disease or not. It is essential that you have good communication with your doctor to be satisfied with the laser spot treatment procedure. The necessary preparations before the laser procedure should be made in the best way. Your physician will inform you in detail about the preparation phase.

How is Laser Spot Treatment Done?

Local anesthesia technique is preferred in laser spot treatment application. With the help of laser beams that act at least four mm below the skin, the spot root is dried. Thus, there is a profound effect. It is important that the skin tissue remaining with the removal of the spot is equalized with the other skin color. After the treatment, the skin color is equalized. As a result, a clean and smooth process is carried out.

How Many Sessions Does Laser Spot Treatment Last?

The number of laser spot treatment sessions varies. This is related to the degree of color, type, size and depth of the spot. Spots with very dark tones are brought to the desired level after at least two sessions. In addition, the spots whose root is very deep are not easily removed. In particular, birthmarks are difficult to remove. It is recommended to check when the session is over. With these controls, the general condition of the spot is evaluated. Depending on the situation, additional sessions may be needed.

After Laser Spot Treatment

Laser beams are transmitted to the dermis section of the skin. Transmitting rays to the roots located in this section for a long time leads to a sensitive skin becoming sensitive. After treatment, edema and redness may occur on the skin. Edema passes by itself. Since it is not an application that requires hospitalization, it is possible to return to daily life immediately after treatment. One week after the procedure, a doctor’s control should be made. Depending on the result of the control, additional sessions may be required.

Do the spots disappear completely after laser spot treatment?

Some spots caused by sunspots, birthmarks and drugs used for the treatment of various ailments can be completely eliminated thanks to the appropriate number of sessions and an ideal laser device. In addition, although some spots do not disappear completely, they may present a very faint size and may be invisible. The elimination of spots in areas that constantly attract attention, such as décolleté and face, is of aesthetic importance. You can also get help from our institution for spot treatment.

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