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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is carried out in a practical way. As it is known, tattoo making is always much easier than tattoo removal. When we no longer want the tattoos we have had at some point in our lives, we can destroy them with laser tattoo removal.

What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Q switched laser devices are the most preferred in laser tattoo removal application. Thanks to these devices, it is possible to achieve success. Laser beams, which are preferred to eliminate tattoos, pass through the skin without damaging the skin and affect the dark tattoo pigments. As a result, the tattoo pigment absorbs laser light and converts the energy in the light into light and sound. Thus, the pigments in the form of large sections in the skin do not damage the surrounding tissue with the energy released. Then it is broken into small pieces. The body more easily absorbs the forging paint, which is broken into small pieces, and allows it to disappear.

How is Laser Tattoo Removal Performed?

Tattoo types can be removed precisely or very lightly silhouette due to the depth at which the paints have landed, especially when first applied. In laser tattoo removal applications, it can be done much more easily to eliminate old tattoos. If the paint used for forging has more copper and iron alloys in it, it may be a little difficult to erase the paint. In amateur tattooing procedures, more sessions may be required to completely destroy the paint as the paint is transmitted to various layers of the skin. While laser tattoo removal is applying, the sessions last approximately 5-8 weeks. The duration of the session varies according to the quality of the dye used in the individual. In some cases it is possible for the session to be 10.

In laser tattoo removal application, small bleeding and crusting may occur in the relevant area at the end of the procedure. But with a quality laser machine and a conscious practitioner, there will be no problems. It is important that there is no autoimmune disorder in the individual who will be applied laser tattoo removal. In these people and individuals with diabetes, the benefit may be more difficult to recover. After the application, the person should not touch the relevant area with water for two days. It is important to protect this area from water well and to apply the relevant creams.

Is every tattoo erased?

Every tattoo can often be destroyed with laser tattoo removal. However, this rule does not always apply. Today’s tattoo removal lasers are produced as the latest technological equipment. Although it is possible to clean many main colors with a laser device, it is unfortunately not possible to remove some tones. Therefore, if you have the possibility of thinking about having your tattoo removed in the future, you should not choose colors that are impossible to remove.

How Many Sessions Does the Laser Tattoo Removal Process Last?

There are some factors that affect the session time for the laser removal of tattoos. These are the dye used, the technique applied, the frequency of the dye and the type of laser. The number of sessions of tattoo removal usually varies between 5 -15. The session interval is 6-8 weeks.

What Should Be Done Before Laser Tattoo Removal Application?

Things to do before tattoo removal:

  • It is very important to protect the relevant area to be treated from the sun.
  • Two weeks before treatment, the relevant area should not be exposed to the sun.
  • Medications such as aspirin and painkillers should not be taken the day before the procedure and on the day of the procedure.
  • If the patient is taking iron medication, this drug should be discontinued one week before treatment.
  • Approximately half an hour or 45 minutes before the treatment, the anesthetic cream recommended by the physician should be applied to the area where the tattoo will be erased and this area should be closed to stretch film.
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