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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

This application means that natural water-based dyes consisting of colored pigments are grafted to the upper skin of the skin, that is, the epidermis. The release of pigments specially prepared for the skin in the lip, eyebrow, and eyelash bottom area to the lower area of the skin with fine needles is called permanent make-up process. It is an ideal technique for anyone who wants to look well-groomed at all times and has time constraints.

How to Make Permanent Makeup?

There are many different techniques in the permanent makeup process. These:

  • 3D hair technique
  • Filling technique
  • Powdering technique
  • Hair technique
  • Microblading

Permanent make-up eyebrow process is performed in two different techniques: pencil and other procedures. Micro needles are introduced to the pigment. Thanks to this, it is transmitted to the lower layer of the skin. One of the most natural techniques is the microblading process, which is touted as a pen method. Permanent make-up eyebrow operation is not a painful and painful application. Before the procedure, anesthetic cream is applied to the eyebrow and then the relevant area is closed with a stretch and waited for half an hour. Then, the eyebrow is shaped and the application is performed. Anesthesia is performed in all make-up applications. There should be no sauna, hammam, steam bath, sea, pool and sunbathing for two weeks after the procedure. Since the eyebrow process varies from individual to individual, its permanence is approximately 2-3 years.

Areas that Permanent Makeup is Done

The processing areas are primarily lip, eyebrow, eye area. Apart from all these, medical procedures can also be performed. It is a technique suitable for anyone with thinning, thinning, shapeless eyebrows.

How is Permanent Eyeliner Made?

The permanent eyeliner procedure appeals to everyone who likes to draw eyeliner in their daily life but does not have time for this procedure or whose hands shake while taking eyeliner and attaches importance to aesthetic posture. It becomes one of the first choices of individuals who like to make their eyelash bottoms look full. This process is done with the pigment given to the bottom of the eyelashes with the support of a micro needle. Thus, the bottom of the eyelashes presents an image as if a pencil has been drawn. Water should not touch the treated area for three and creams should be applied by drinking antibiotics.

Permanent Makeup Lip Coloring

Lip coloring is often the choice of individuals who experience pigment loss as a result of problems such as herpes around the lip, which is lip symmetry, and who desire to have more prominent lip area and lip color. In lip coloring, as in many other make-up applications, anesthesia cream is applied to the relevant area and waited for half an hour. Then the lip is shaped with lip liner. The application period continues for up to one hour. Water should not be touched to the lip for three days after the procedure. Therefore, it is important to drink liquids with a straw and not to eat too watery food. For fifteen days, sauna, hammam and steam bath should be avoided. Kissing should not be done for a week or so.

Who Is Not Suitable for Permanent Makeup?

This process is not suitable for:

  • Diabetics
  • Those undergoing chemotherapy
  • Pregnant women, lactating
  • Those with eczema
  • Those who have me in the relevant field
  • Hemophilia patients
  • Those who are prone to keloid condition
  • Panic attack patients
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