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Regional Thinning

Regional Thinning

Regional thinning covers the whole of the processes that perform the burning of regional fats and noticeable thinning with the help of various devices.

Regional thinning applications are the name given to the process of regional fat burning and slimming with sound waves of different wavelengths or various technologies. Many different devices are used in these processes. These include Eximia, Smoothshapes, and Ultrashape. Applications with this regional thinning equipment are carried out under expert control. Session intervals are different.

Ultrashape Regional Thinning Device

Ultrashape is a device that incorporates the latest technological features and allows your body to be shaped without requiring any medical application. It works by offering vacuum support with focused ultrasound technology. It is a form of treatment that breaks down the fatty tissues without any damage to the blood vessels, skin and nerves in the targeted area and makes it possible to tighten the skin. The contents of the broken down fat cell are processed by natural metabolic means. There is no discomfort such as bruising, redness, swelling on the skin. It is an application performed in the clinic and lasts an average of one and a half hours. It is easy for the person to return to his daily life due to the lack of recovery process at the end of the procedure. No need for maintenance. The results obtained are long-lasting. Fat tissues and cells are permanently destroyed. It makes it possible to burn established fats such as abdomen, buttocks, waist, which you cannot get rid of with sports and diet.

Regional Thinning with Smoothshapes

Smoothshapes incorporate mechanical applications with light and laser systems. Inside the device there is a laser system that targets fat tissue, liquefying it. This equipment also regulates circulation and helps fats to move out of the cell. The light system directs the fluid between the cells to the lymphatic system. It also helps when it comes to improving the appearance of cellulite. It helps to eliminate cellulite, which is usually seen intensively in the buttocks and calf area. It ensures that your skin is smooth and firm. It is one of the popular methods of cellulite treatment.

However, it also improves the formation of cellulite in the back and abdomen. Many people who have undergone the treatment have one or two body thinning. This varies from person to person. It is not one of the main goals of treatment. Instead of having any expectations in this regard, it should be seen as one of the positive results of the treatment. It can be applied to all parts such as back, under the chest and behind the knee. The procedure time varies between 40-80 minutes depending on the area to be applied. During the procedure, the individual feels only massage and heat. Then there is no bruising or pain condition. Depending on the condition of the area, a total of eight sessions can be performed every other day or every day.

Regional Thinning with Eximia Device

This technique is a non-surgical method used for conditions such as regional lubrication and cellulite. The ultrasound applied to the outer area of the skin spreads and causes the fatty tissues to undergo sudden changes under high pressure. However, the resulting foaming first creates expansion and then explosion. This effect ultimately liquefies fat and helps to disrupt the structure of storage fats by destroying cell walls. Fat cells and fatty acids are broken down, removed by lymph.

In the first session, there is a thinning between 2 – 10 cm depending on the thickness of the fatty area. The other sessions continue two times a week and then once a week. The number of sessions is determined according to the condition of the individual. In order to support the process, a fat-free diet should be preferred and plenty of water should be consumed. It breaks down the insoluble fat in the abdomen, waist, arms, belly, buttocks and back that are desired to be eliminated and alleviates the appearance of cellulite. This application emits powerful ultrasound waves and allows the skin to tighten.

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