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Under-Eye Light Filling

Under-Eye Light Filling

Most people complain of under-eye bruises. Although this condition is genetic, it is caused by sleep disorder, fatigue, unhealthy lifestyle and environmental factors.

How is Under-Eye Light Filling Done?

We can say the following about under-eye light filling:

  • Local anesthesia cream is applied to the detainee. After 25 minutes, the filling component is injected into the areas where it is needed.
  • Bruising, edema or redness may occur after the procedure. These are not permanent.
  • After the procedure, the individual can return to his daily life. Depending on the requirement, the application can be repeated several times a year.

To Whom Is Under-Eye Light Filling Applied?

There must be a hole in the eye for under-eye light filling. As the name suggests, under-eye light filling is a kind of filling. In other words, in order to fill a certain area on the skin surface, that area must be a pit. For this reason, under-eye light filling is not a procedure that is suitable for everyone. If the individual does not have an under-eye pit but has an under-eye bruise, the procedure must be performed with laser or mesotherapy.

One of the most important applications affecting the under-eye bruise is to apply a laser to the bruised area. The laser device explodes the dark color under the eyes and makes it possible to lighten the color. When the procedure is supported by mesotherapy, the results obtained are even more satisfactory.

Persistence of Under-Eye Light Filling

The permanence of this filling process varies from individual to individual. In general, the permanence of the filling is 6-8 months. After this period, the retention period can be multiplied by performing a process again. The effect of the filling made to rejuvenate the eye area and to eliminate bruises and rings can be up to 12-18 months. Light filling, which is recommended to be done in three sessions at intervals of three weeks, is conducive to visible results from the first session. A single session is usually sufficient for under-eye light filling. Some of the individuals may need retouching after a month.

What Are the Differences Between Light Filling and Under-Eye Light Filling?

It is possible to say the following about the differences between under-eye light filling and light filling:

Light filling:

  • is a mesotherapy technique that aims to moisturize the skin, protect the antioxidant and restructure the skin with its special component.
  • provides support in the rejuvenation, renewal and repair of neck, face, hand and décolleté areas.

Under-eye light filling:

  • is an ideal technique for filling the pit under the eyes and rejuvenating and restructuring the skin around the eyes, rings and bruises.
  • Generally, maximum results can be obtained by applying both around the eyes and face.
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