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Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplantation

One of the applications that are as popular as hair transplantation is undoubtedly beard transplantation. Recently, the beard is extremely popular among men. Therefore, beard transplantation is in great demand. Although many men are lucky in this regard, many men can also be unlucky in this regard. Sometimes genetic factors and sometimes various health problems can lead to beard loss. This means that a large number of reasons can encourage beard loss and lead to the appearance of a bad image. If your beard isn’t what you want, you don’t have to worry at this point. Because our institution allows you to get the beard you desire with the beard transplantation application.

Causes of Beard Loss

Beard shedding can occur for a large number of reasons. Some of these reasons are:

  • Irregular and unhealthy diet.
  • High levels of stress.
  • The presence of hormonal problems.
  • Skin problems.
  • Having any accidents and not growing beards as a result.
  • Spills caused by burns or wounds.

Beard transplantation is an ideal method for people who are not satisfied with the posture of their beard or who want a more intense and frequent beard mustache appearance. Recently, some cosmetic materials such as various lotions that grow beard or interventions other than beard transplantation do not provide hair growth in areas where no hair grows. There are applications and preferred products to strengthen and nourish the existing hairs in the area where the hair is located. However, the possibility of hair growth on a skin whose hair root has died is not possible with such applications. Therefore, we can say that the definitive and most accurate solution is beard transplantation. Planting in safe hands and correctly is one of the most important stages. It is important to carry out planting in a completely hygienic area with professional staff.

Things to Consider After Beard Transplantation

Beard and mustache transplantation is an application that can be performed on anyone who is over the age of twenty and has hair hair. This application can be applied to those who want to grow a dirty beard but cannot grow a beard mustache due to the sparse density of hair, to those who want a beard and mustache more intensively, to those who want to close the areas where burns and scars do not grow hair, and to people who have thinning and shedding due to various reasons. The stage in mustache and beard transplantation continues as in the hair transplantation process. It is inconvenient to apply this procedure to individuals with cancer risk and heart disease. After the tests performed before the physician control and beard transplantation, it is determined whether the transplantation process will be carried out or not.

A person who wants to have a beard transplant should first be examined by a doctor. During the examination, it is determined how many root beard transplantation the individual needs. The suitability of the donor area for beard mustache transplantation is checked. If the donor section is sufficient for the transplantation of a mustache and beard, the area where the transplantation will be done is planned with drawings. After the date of beard transplantation is planned, the individual is informed about the issues that should be considered for one week at the time of operation. The individual should not use blood thinners for one week before the operation.

Things to Consider Before and After Beard Transplantation

Green tea consumption should be interrupted for a week before beard transplantation. However, alcohol should not be consumed for the last forty-eight hours. On the day of the procedure, the individual should be operated on a full stomach. A zippered or shirt-style outfit should be preferred. On the day of the procedure, a repeat examination is performed with the doctor. The implementation plan is clarified. First, the part of the patient in which the root removal will be carried out is shaved. Then, painless anesthesia is performed before the root removal procedure. In this way, the process is completed more comfortably.

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