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Hair Transplant In Women

Hair Transplant In Women

If your hair or eyebrows are not what you want or if hair loss has occurred for different reasons, you do not have to worry. We allow you to achieve the appearance you desire with the application of hair transplantation in women.

What is Hair Transplantation in Women?

Hair transplantation in women is a type of service that is often preferred by women recently. The problem of hair loss is a common health problem in women as well as in men. All kinds of cosmetic products are used to stop hair loss caused by many different reasons.

If the hair loss continues, an opening occurs in the upper area of the head. If there is an opening in the upper part of the head, then the most effective method is to perform hair transplantation. Because you should know that if hair loss has occurred, the preferred cosmetic materials do not allow your hair to grow. Hair transplantation, which is thought to be exclusive to men, can actually be successfully applied to women. The procedures are carried out in the usual course of standard hair transplantation.

How Should Hair Transplantation Be in Women?

We all want to have healthy, natural-looking and beautiful hair. However, in some periods and situations, our morale may deteriorate with hair loss and our self-confidence may be damaged. Especially the most important accessories in women are eyebrows and hair. When the hair and eyebrows are not at the desired level or if there is hair loss due to various reasons, you do not need to be afraid.

Now there is a solution to everything as well as a solution for the problem of hair loss and flight. It is of course possible to achieve healthier and more lush hair and eyebrows. Hair and eyebrow loss can be caused by genetic reasons as well as many other different reasons. Especially with the change of hormones during pregnancy, the problem of shedding may increase. Factors such as excessive stress, irregular diet, and an irregular and healthy lifestyle can also promote hair and hair loss.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed in Women?

Individuals who have tried many techniques and cannot achieve the desired result, those who do not want to spend long hours and sessions choose hair transplantation as a shorter solution. Eyebrow and hair transplantation in women also does not require you to shave. The gaps of your hair can be filled without cutting your hair completely. In this way, the sparseness of the hair is practically eliminated. In the same way, the eyebrow can be transplanted after the desired model drawing is realized. With the approval of the patient, eyebrow transplantation procedures begin and transplantation is performed in the area where the drawing is performed. The eyebrow transplantation stage is very similar to the situation in hair transplantation.

Donors taken from strong hair follicles are transferred to problem areas. There is no loss problem for the transplanted hair. The best part of hair transplantation with FUE technique is that the transplant process can be done without the need to cut the transplanted hair. This means that in the hair transplantation process in women, the transplantation application is performed without the need for any shaving process. There will be no abbreviations in the hair. The location is determined in the form of a window from the upper part of the nape area and grafts are collected from here. The thinning in this area is not visible even when the hair is collected. In women, the desired frequency is achieved because of the fact that the transplantation is mostly done not as shedding but due to the dilution problem.

Does Hair Transplantation Work in Women?

When hair transplantation procedures in women are performed by a professional team and doctor, there is an opportunity to achieve 99 percent success. Therefore, it is useful to choose the institution where you want to have hair transplantation carefully.

Does Hair Transplantation Hold in Women?

This process is literally healthy and permanent. Thanks to the special tissue organ transplantation solution we have preferred, the hair is stored alive and in this way, the chance of success reaches 99 percent.

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