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Personalized Diet System

Personalized Diet System

Special diet plans are prepared for the individual in various metabolic disorders such as excessive fat accumulation in the body, stomach, cholesterol, heart and kidney problems. The diet includes plans that must be implemented for a healthy life. There is no eating plan prepared just to lose weight or gain weight. The reasons for resorting to diet are usually sedentary life and healthy eating habits that have increased with the advancement of technology.

Individuals who want to diet should not follow the information born by ear and the recommendations of non-professionals in this field. The most efficient technique at the beginning of any type of diet is the selection of a personalized diet plan and appropriate physical exercise.

What is a Personalized Diet?

The results of the blood test obtained as a result of the clinical examinations to be performed by the specialist are taken into account many different details such as the economic status of the individual, gender, age, nutritional habits, height, weight, fat level and genetic disorders. In the light of these data, a diet plan is determined. This plan is also prepared with the time when the individual wakes up and goes to sleep. The daily protein and energy intake of the individual is evaluated within the framework of these qualities.

The diet of each individual is unique. These plans prepared by dietitians should not be shared with anyone else in order not to cause any complications due to the fact that they vary from individual to individual because not every diet is suitable for all kinds of bodies. The calories, ideal weight and metabolic rate that everyone should take are not the same. Therefore, protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and various components that the person needs are included in the diet plan in a balanced way. Then the person can easily follow this diet.

How Should a Healthy Diet Program Be?

A healthy diet plan should include the following characteristics:

  • A healthy eating plan should be prepared specifically for the individual by basing all the habits of the individual on the differences mentioned above.
  • First, an individual’s body analysis should be performed.
  • All kinds of health and habit details in the life of the individual should be learned by dietitians and the plan should be created in the light of these details.
  • A plan should be made that adapts to the individual’s life plan and timing.
  • All kinds of health and habit details in the life of the individual should be examined by dietitians and the plan should be prepared accordingly.
  • Progress should be made according to the program that adapts to the individual’s life plan and schedule.
  • The diet plan should be prepared in a way to encourage fat tissue loss, not muscle loss, and therefore physical activity should be recommended to the person. The nutrition menu should also be created according to this detail.
  • There should be a detailed and educational plan that educates the individual and explains the reason for what he is doing. The individual should stick to this plan not only to lose weight but also to live healthily in all stages of his life.
  • After the purpose of the diet is achieved, the person should be followed up regularly in order to maintain continuity. The diet plan list should also be updated to become a protection program. In this way, it will be possible to maintain the ideal weight.

What Should Be Considered in the Personalized Diet Program?

The following details are important in personalized diet plans:

  • To ensure healthy living and aging in a healthy way.
  • To improve the quality of life.
  • To provide the individual with a healthy eating style.
  • If there is discomfort, to increase the effects and quality of treatment.
  • If there are risks of genetic disorders, to minimize them.
  • Accelerating the immune system and metabolism.
  • Information on psychological status and stress level.
  • Paying attention to details such as social life details, alcohol, and nightlife.
  • Details such as eating habits, at what times food is eaten.
  • Genetic predispositions.
  • Health problems and medications used.
  • Weight, height and physical characteristics.

You can contact our institution to learn more about personalized nutrition and diet plan, and to learn all the details about special nutrition programs such as ketogenic diet and vegan diet.

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