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Oral And Dental Health

Oral And Dental Health

Dental prosthesis procedures are the coating made to the teeth for aesthetic appearance due to the health problems of the existing teeth. Prosthetic…

Special dentistry for children is known in the form of pedodontists. This is the physician who takes care of the dental and oral health of the child in the perio…

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With the implant application in one day, you can achieve implant treatment without losing any time and without being toothless. </br>

Smile aesthetics is the process of obtaining a natural appearance by eliminating gum and tooth problems that disrupt the image aesthetically in accordance…

Implant is the tooth screwing application obtained from titanium that is placed in the jaw and made in place of caries or missing teeth. It is one of the mo…

The practice of teeth whitening, which has become popular recently, is also known as bleaching. It is called the process of opening the existing tooth…

White light filling technique is one of the most preferred dental treatment applications. It is also known in the form of composite or laser filling.

In case of incompatibility between the size of the tooth arch and the teeth, a gap may form between the two teeth. The cause of split teeth is mostly…

Due to the excessive covering of the teeth by the gums, the teeth can create a short appearance. In such a case, it is possible to shape the gums with a..

Lasers are also frequently used in the field of dentistry. It works without contact with the tooth and gum. For this reason, it is included in…

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Root canal treatment is preferred to repair infected and decaying teeth without the need for pulling application. If dental caries is not treated in a timel…

The most common gum disease is gingivitis. This is a condition that leads to reddening of the gums, swelling, becoming sensitive to touch. At the same…

Periodontitis is an important gum disease that destroys the soft tissues and bone that make it possible for the tooth to stand in the mouth. With…

Today, many individuals may encounter some jaw joint problems. In the area connecting the lower jaw and the upper jaw, the jaw joint is located. At this…

Orthodontics is the branch of science performed by an orthodontic professional who is interested in the treatment and diagnosis of irregularities in the facia…

Zirconium coating applied in dental aesthetics is very popular. It is also known in the form of porcelain coating with zirconium substructure. It reflects ligh…

Oral and Dental Health Clinic

The mouth is a fundamental part of our digestive system because that’s where the process begins. Teeth, gums, tongue are needed to process food. For this reason, we should take care of this in order to prevent any oral discomfort. Deterioration of oral and dental health can negatively affect our digestion, physical health, and even self-esteem. With good daily dental hygiene, we need to keep our gums, teeth, tongue and mouth generally clean and healthy. In this way, our teeth can perform their functions and avoid other complications and diseases.

The Importance of Oral and Dental Health Treatments

Dentistry is the medical field dedicated to the study of teeth and adjacent structures and the treatment of diseases that affect them. This specialty is responsible for everything related to the stomatognathic structure, which is formed by the organs and tissues of the oral cavity and in some areas of the skull, neck and face. This discipline is about protecting people’s oral health, preventing and treating oral diseases. Underlying oral ailments such as caries, periodontal pathologies, or tooth loss can be prevented by consistently maintaining an adequate oral hygiene routine and regularly visiting the dentist, a professional dedicated to this specialty. In this sense, dentistry is essential to enjoy optimal oral health and maintain quality of life. Because in the long run, all the diseases mentioned above and even some infections can lead to the occurrence of serious problems such as oral cancer.

Not paying attention to oral and dental health prepares the ground for the following problems:

  • Oral cancer: This pathology usually prevails in men and the elderly. Smoking and alcohol are mostly the two main factors that cause this disease.
  • Tooth decay: This oral disease, usually accompanied by a feeling of pain or discomfort, occurs with the destruction of tooth tissues. It is important to treat cavities in a timely manner to avoid other major problems such as tooth loss, periodontitis and damage to the supporting bone.
  • Periodontal diseases: The main pathologies affecting the gums are gingivitis and periodontitis. The first is the process of inflammation of the gums, and the second is an exacerbation that damages the soft tissues and bones that support the teeth until they fall off.
  • Tooth loss: Total tooth loss is a very common phenomenon that mostly affects a large proportion of the elderly. The main causes of tooth loss occur in the long-term presence of caries and periodontal diseases.
  • Oral trauma: 16% to 40% of the population suffers from mouth trauma and blows affecting the teeth, especially in children.

Why Do Oral Diseases Occur?

The importance of oral health is so great that without it and without the necessary care to protect it, we can face a large number of serious oral diseases. The main reasons for the appearance of oral pathologies are an incorrect oral hygiene routine, poor diet, smoking and alcohol consumption. Not paying attention to oral health can lead to more serious chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory pathologies, and diabetes.

The Importance of Protecting Oral Health and Dental Treatments

The vast majority of oral diseases can be treated with proper dental care. It is very important to have a good and reliable dentist to maintain optimal oral health, as he will be responsible for carrying out appropriate preventive treatments and correcting any abnormalities in the teeth and gums.

Some of the most common dental treatments that the dentist does are:

  • Deep dental cleaning: A deep dental cleaning is recommended at least once a year, or even once every six months, to maintain the health of the oral cavity.
  • Removal of caries: It consists of removing the affected tissue and then inserting a tooth filling into that hole.
  • Tooth extraction: It is to eliminate the parts affected by caries or periodontal disease in very advanced stages.
  • Orthodontics: It is the process of aligning the teeth and correcting the wrong position.
  • Endodontics: It consists of removing the pulp of the tooth and filling it with guta-percha to keep the tooth in the mouth.
  • Oral Implantology: It is the practice of replacing missing or extracted teeth with dental implants.
  • Dental Aesthetics: It consists of various procedures to improve the appearance of teeth.

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