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Cad Cam

You can get information from our institution about Cad Cam treatment, treatment prices, procedure process, post-operative and pre-operation applications.

What is Dental and Smile Aesthetics?

Smile and dental aesthetics include the detection and treatment of the position, color, shape and structural disorders of the gums and teeth through computer-supported, intelligent and detailed analyzes. The main areas of interest of smile and dental aesthetic applications can be listed as follows:

  • Lost teeth.
  • Disorder of smile symmetry.
  • Disorders in the amount of gums and gums.
  • Disorders related to the length, color, shape, gaps between them and their proportions to each other.

Which Treatments Does Dental and Smile Aesthetics Cover?

Dental and smile aesthetic treatments include:

  • Tooth whitening: It is an application made to lighten the tooth color tone. Medium and mild colorations are whitened by laser process. However, the advanced coloration problem is supported by home bleaching.
  • Pink aesthetics: It is called the aesthetic procedures applied to the gums. Dental laser is preferred in pink aesthetic procedures performed in our institution. The laser device is performed without bleeding and pain without local anesthesia. This process also shortens the recovery time.
  • Zirconium coating: Zirconium-based dental prostheses offer an important aesthetic advantage due to their transparency and light transmittance.
  • Empress and empress e-max coating application: Empress and empress e-max, which are porcelain materials that offer the image closest to the natural tooth appearance, are preferred due to their important aesthetic advantages.
  • Orthodontic treatment: It involves the elimination of problems such as teeth that are displaced or crooked and the upper and lower jaw do not overlap.
  • Implant applications: It is the process of eliminating tooth deficiencies by adding artificial tooth roots that adapt to body tissues obtained from a material such as titanium to the jawbone without the need to cut healthy teeth. It eliminates the aesthetic problems caused by missing teeth.
  • Laminate porcelain application: Porcelain laminates are thin porcelain components that are 0.3-0.7 mm in size added to the front part of the teeth. It is a practical and aesthetic treatment method that corrects the color and shape of the teeth in a short time.
  • Composite laminate application: It is a process in which additions are performed to the tooth with special materials to change the shape and color of the teeth.

What is Cad Cam Technology?

Computer-aided imaging is a production and design technology. It is a modern technology that makes it possible to get successful results in smile and dental aesthetics applied in a small number of institutions in our country. This technology has many advantages in different stages of smile and dental aesthetic treatments. These:

Computer Aided Imaging and Measurement

  • Cad Cam: With the help of cameras, the images taken from the mouth without disturbing the comfort of the patient make it possible to transfer the mouth structure to the computer in millimetric way with the support of optical readers.
  • Classic Application: Taking measurements with materials called spoons is uncomfortable and difficult for both the patient and the doctor. The classic impression-taking practice can also cause frequent nausea. In addition, the measurement taken may not be of sufficient quality.

Computer Aided Design

  • Cad Cam: Moving the mouth structure directly to the computer environment helps to plan all kinds of gum and tooth designs in the digital field. It is possible to display the obtained designs on the screen.
  • Classic Application: The design, which is realized depending on the measurement taken with classical techniques, can only be seen after production. It is not possible to see the design without the production of prosthesis. Performing the revision processes according to the wishes of the individual not only creates a loss of time but also causes production difficulties.

Computer Aided Manufacturing

  • Cad Cam: Designs made in computer environment come to life in three dimensions. Prostheses are produced untouched by computer-aided equipment. In this way, it is possible to have new teeth in a very short time and even on the same day. The compatibility of the restoration with the mouth is at an extremely high level. Cad Cam technology allows the use of materials that are highly aesthetic and more compatible with the human body in the production of teeth.
  • Classic Practice: There is a phase of tooth production that lasts for a long time and requires rehearsals. Failure to the extent can cause production to be defective in the same way. The success of the restoration depends on the diligence and experience of the people who carry out the production.
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