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Dental Prosthesis Applications

Dental Prosthesis Applications

Dental prosthesis procedures are the coating made to the teeth for aesthetic appearance due to the health problems of the existing teeth. Prosthetic teeth consist of coating the teeth for the purpose of health problems or aesthetic appearance. Prostheses can be made on demand in order to protect the existing teeth. There are many different dental prosthesis applications in terms of application, material and construction technique. Prosthetic teeth are also known as dental coatings.

What are Dental Prosthesis Applications?

Prosthetic tooth can be a full prosthesis or a removable prosthesis, and it has recently become more popular in the form of covering individual teeth. However, when applied in the form of an implant, it is also possible to cover the adjacent teeth, which are called bridges, in the whole way. The most preferred dental prosthesis applications can be listed as follows:

Laminate Veneer

This application is also known as leaf porcelain. It is a type of coating applied only to the front surfaces of the teeth. This type of coating is performed on the front surface section of the teeth without the need for abrasion, and in some cases by abrasion like a paper fineness. With this application, you can have aesthetic teeth of the whiteness you want.

Zirconium Porcelain

The application is the coating form that is closest to the natural teeth due to its light transmittance in terms of naturalness. Factors such as the strength, support, substructure and tissue compatibility of the zirconium component allow you to achieve high-quality teeth. As with the natural tooth appearance, it also has a light transmittance of up to 70 percent. Due to its raw material, it is not possible to have an allergic reaction or not to adapt to the tissue. Due to its white structure, it is one of the most successful coating varieties in terms of beauty. Among the prosthetic tooth types, zirconium porcelain can be preferred in front teeth and back teeth due to both its aesthetic posture and strength.

Full Porcelain

This is obtained from the ceramic component with a compressed crystalline structure. It is a type of porcelain made by firing glass-ceramic component with pressure technique without using metal substructure. The natural tooth appearance of individuals adds characteristic features to full porcelain veneers.


It is one of the prosthetic dental techniques preferred in front tooth aesthetics in recent times. The advantage of the emax technique in the teeth is that the front teeth have a quality that can pass light and give a natural tooth appearance without a metal substructure.

Inley Onley Dental Restorations

Inlays and onleys are a solution between coating and filling. If the person’s teeth have not lost their health enough to be covered, it is a preferred prosthetic dental aesthetic technique if there is no tissue for the filling process.

What are the Dental Prosthesis Prices?

Prosthetic tooth prices vary. The reason for this is the suitability of the tooth structure for the prosthesis. Today, prosthetic teeth can only be preferred for smile design and are preferred due to problems in the tooth. Compared to metal-supported crowns, the prices of coating types such as laminate, zirconium, emax may be higher. You can contact our institution for more detailed information about prices and dental prosthesis applications.

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