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Diastema (Gap Between Teeth)

Diastema (Gap Between Teeth)

In case of incompatibility between the size of the tooth arch and the teeth, a gap may form between the two teeth. The cause of split teeth is mostly related to genes. However, our institution carries out the treatment of intermittent teeth with various techniques. In this way, it will be possible to get a better posture tooth appearance.

Why Do Tooth Spacing Occur?

Many different factors can be effective in the formation of tooth intervals. At the beginning of these factors, after the tooth extraction process, the teeth located in the front part or behind the tooth are shifted to the cavity of the extracted area. The treatments required for the space arising from the extracted tooth can be corrected with implant or bridge treatment. Another reason is the wrong movements in the swallowing reflex of individuals. In proper swallowing, the tooth should be on the upper palate. In improper swallowing, the tooth presses on the front teeth in individuals and these teeth are spaced over time. This encourages intermittent dental problems in people. Factors such as the large jaw structure, the small size of the teeth or the normality of the jaw structure and the size of the tooth structure also trigger the tooth spacing problem.

How Can the Gaps Between the Teeth Be Closed?

  • In the diastema problem, it may be possible to close the gaps between the teeth with orthodontic treatment.
  • It is possible to close the gaps between the teeth with illuminated fillings.
  • Tooth cavities are removed with the help of porcelain laminates.
  • The causes of the gaps that occur are determined and measures should be taken to prevent them from reoccurring. In cases of excessive cavities, combined treatments may be required.

Intermittent Dentistry

  • Intermittent dental problem is a condition that occurs in the skeletal structure or tooth structure. These are severe, moderate or mild closure disorders. Types of treatment applied in closing disorders:
    • Composite veneer: This form of treatment can be corrected with composite filling materials in people with simple closing disorders.
    • Porcelain laminate: This treatment method is a technique in which the closure can be corrected with porcelain laminates in a discrete tooth structure that is not too advanced.
    • Orthodontic treatment and porcelain laminate: This combined application is performed with short-term orthodontic treatment and laminate applications in individuals with moderate intermittent dental problems. In this way, the treatment period is shortened.
    • Orthodontic treatment: This treatment option is applied in individuals with advanced split tooth problems. In some cases, jaw surgery may also be required.
    • Lip fillings: In addition to dental treatments, split teeth are treated with plastic and aesthetic treatment techniques or botox and lip fillings applied by dermatologists.
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