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Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Treatment

You can review our article for more information about tooth and Periodontal treatments, application process, after and before the operation. You can contact our institution for all kinds of periodontal treatment.

What is Periodontal Treatment?

It is extremely important to pay attention to oral hygiene in order to protect the health obtained after gum treatment. In the same way, oral and dental care is important for maintaining the health of the gums that have not yet become ill. You should have your dentist do your regular dental cleaning once every six months. You need to change the brush recommended by your doctor once every three to four months. With the recommendation of your doctor, you should choose an electric toothbrush to increase your cleaning procedures.

Brush your teeth correctly in the morning and evening. If you have the opportunity, perform short brushing applications after each meal and snack consumption. Try to floss every day for dental health. You can use mouthwash to reduce bacterial plaque on the teeth. If your doctor has recommended it after gum treatment, do not forget to use your interface brush routinely. You should also remember that floss and toothbrushes can never be replaced by mouthwashes and other chemicals.

Things to Know in Dental Treatment

Supporting oral health covers all sections from the time of diagnosis to the time of planning the treatment and the final result. We can say that oral health is a whole in terms of aesthetics, function and phonation. After the diagnosis with radiological imaging techniques, departments such as filling, tartar cleaning, prosthetic restoration, root canal treatment, surgery and orthodontics are directed according to the needs of the individual. The tooth and gum are evaluated together. Therefore, when brushing, the gums should be brushed along with the teeth.

It is important to place the toothbrush in the area where the tooth and gum meet and to brush with circular movements. Not only the front faces, but also the back surfaces of the teeth should be brushed with this movement. In addition, the toothbrush is insufficient in the cleaning process of the interfaces. Therefore, dental floss should be preferred. The desired smile recovery stage may consist of comprehensive procedures that will be spread over a long period of time, or it may develop in a way that results can be obtained in a short time depending on the preferences and problems of the individual. Conditions such as yellowing, caries, difference in tooth length, some gum problems occur over time. But with a few sessions, these can be corrected.

What is Aesthetic Dental Health?

Aesthetic dentistry can be aesthetic problems that are not treated with filling in various situations. In such cases, a crown can be made with or without metal support. Sometimes, in order to solve the aesthetic problems in the anterior part, more conservative treatments can be performed by removing the tooth tissue at a certain thickness level from the front part of the tooth called laminate. Apart from these, it will be possible to restore the interdentally spaces with different aesthetic filling components without cutting the teeth and to obtain a new smile design.

One of the latest procedures in the field of aesthetic dentistry is the metal-free full ceramic crown. These are essentially the material used in dental coating application. It is a preferred form of treatment for broken, cracked and material loss teeth. In addition, full ceramic components that mimic the tooth due to their light transmittance are the most preferred materials today due to their aesthetic and natural appearance.

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