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White Fillings

White Fillings

White light filling technique is one of the most preferred dental treatment applications. It is also known in the form of composite or laser filling.

What is Composite?

White light fillings are also referred to as laser fillings among the people. But the preferred light source for the hardening of composite materials is essentially not laser. They are sources of LED light or halogen. The composite material is a polymer material that can imitate the hard texture of the tooth well. These materials easily attach to the tooth with the preliminary preparation performed on the teeth.

To Which Teeth Is White Filling Performed?

Where white filling can be preferred:

  • In the treatment of tooth decay and in the production of aesthetic white filling type instead of amalgam filling,
  • In the treatment process of broken teeth,
  • In the treatment process of intermittent teeth,
  • Teeth with tooth sensitivity and abrasion,
  • Minor shape changes.

Who Is White Filling Not Suitable For?

  • If aesthetic restorations that concern a large amount of front teeth need to be performed, porcelain crown and porcelain laminate are preferred.
  • If the loss of components in the teeth is high, inlay, porcelain laminate or porcelain crown may be preferred.
  • If the person smokes a large amount of coffee, tea or cigarettes, porcelain laminate or porcelain crown process can be applied.

Are Teeth Cut in White Filling Process?

There is no need to cut the teeth in white filling application.

What is White Fill Lifespan?

The lighted white filling process is extremely successful in individuals with limited consumption of coffee, tea and cigarettes. After the polishing process, which is applied once a year, white fillings can be used for six or seven years. In case of any fracture or discoloration, the upper surface is rebuilt by applying a slight abrasion process without completely removing it.

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