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All Aesthetic and Beauty Services

With our fully equipped and professional doctors, state-of-the-art equipment and comfortable hospitals, we offer all kinds of health, beauty, hair transplantation and aesthetic services. All the health services you need are waiting for you at Diverse Aesthetic!

Aesthetic And Plastic Surgery

Plastic and aesthetic surgery includes services aimed at the treatment of both congenital and subsequent shape, aesthetic and functional disorders….

Hair Transplantation Clinic

Hair transplantation is a permanent and natural solution to the problem of baldness and thinning in individuals who have hair loss and hair loss. The process of…

Oral And Dental Health

The mouth is a fundamental part of our digestive system because that’s where the process begins. Teeth, gums, tongue are needed to process food. For this reason,…

Dermatology And Medical Aesthetics

Dermatology, also known as dermatology, is the field of medicine that deals with skin problems. Within itself, it is divided into several subgroups. Cosmetic dermatolog….

Healthy Living And Nutrition

A good diet not only improves physical health, but also improves mood, as it helps you feel more energetic. Healthy eating is one of the important habits in terms of…

Weight Loss Clinic

With the slimming clinic, it is aimed to reach the ideal weight with the programs prepared according to the age, height, weight, general habits, various health…

Varicose Vein Clinic

Varicose veins are seen in the lower part of the skin in blue tones, with folds and enlarged. Although swelling is noticed due to the expansion of the veins in the first….

Avicenna’s Traditional Medicine

Born in 980, Avicenna was a physician and scientist. He has influenced the world with his various works. His works have been taught as lectures in universities in Euro….

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