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Regional Slimming

Regional Slimming

Regional slimming applications are the realization of regional fat burning and regional thinning with the help of sound waves at various wavelengths or various technologies. It involves the elimination of the weight and fat masses accumulated on the body with some devices. It is mostly applied to areas such as the belly, hips, legs and arms.

All people have their own body shape. Due to genetic structure, eating habits and some other factors, fat accumulation can occur in areas of the body such as the hips, waist and belly. Sometimes it is not possible to get rid of these fats with activities such as sports and diet. Over time and with advancing age, the weight gained intensifies from some parts of the body. This can make us look bad. Regional fats, which evoke a negative perception and feeling, also seriously threaten health. At this stage, regional slimming techniques come into play.

Body parts which are available to regional fat

Our body has a structure that is fattened in different proportions. Therefore, the areas of fattening of each individual are also different. Nevertheless, the most commonly fattened body parts can be listed as follows:

  • External leg lubrication,
  • Upper leg lubrication,
  • Regional fat in hips and buttocks,
  • Abdominal region,
  • Waist circumference,
  • Arms,
  • Back area,

The regional fattening that occurs in some parts of the body threatens people’s health first. Excessive fattening increases the pressure on the organs. This is both unhealthy and unaesthetic. What should be considered at this stage is the rate of fattening and its effect on the body. As a result of the examinations and various tests performed by the physician, various solutions can be offered for regional lubrication.

Although regional fattening adversely affects the appearance of all people, it can also cause these advanced health problems. In order to control this, 360 degree service is provided in our clinic. These types of services begin by determining the areas and degrees of fattening with a dietician, and how to treat it. One of these methods is regional slimming. This treatment technique is non-surgical and helps you slim down regionally.

What are Regional Thinning Methods?

When it comes to regional thinning, liposuction is the most important method. This technique involves removing fat from areas of the body such as hips, hips, abdomen, belly, neck, arms with vacuum. Fats are permanently removed from the body. This makes regional thinning possible. The liposuction method is divided into different techniques. The most commonly used in regional slimming are vaser liposuction, laser liposuction, classical liposuction.

This surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia. Depending on the level of fat removed, the time of the operation takes 1-6 hours. Sutures with self-melting feature are inserted into the incisions located in the entrance sections of the cannulas. Often one entry is sufficient for each entry point.

Regional Slimming Devices

In our clinic, studies are carried out on many slimming techniques. We prefer devices that are almost never used in our country and we are pioneering in this regard. We use the relevant devices under the control of a specialist doctor. In addition, we provide slimming with the support of a dietitian and serve you in the best way. The regional slimming equipment we prefer in our clinic are:

  • Eximia (Cavitation)
  • Ultrashape
  • Smoothshape
  • Powershape
  • Velashape

How is Regional Slimming Treatment Applied?

The heads placed in the area where the regional slimming technique will be applied are set at a distance of 2-3 cm so as not to create contact with the body. Thus, the process begins. The size of the fat layer is selected from the screen and the process is carried out according to this detail. Pain and soreness do not occur during the application. Only a level of uncomfortable warmth is felt. In this area, the fat layer shrinks and then disappears. No sagging occurs in the area. Thus, it is possible to get rid of regional fats in a healthy way.

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