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It is called the process of burning excess fat tissues that occur in the body as a result of slimming, not taking balanced nutritional values and not eating enough. In order to fully meet the daily calorie requirement, healthy weight loss under the control of dietitians is important in terms of physical health. Our institution offers all kinds of support in terms of slimming.

What are the Slimming Methods?

According to the body mass index of the individual, the weight range that should be taken into account by taking into account the age is determined. There are many different methods that are preferred in this stage of weight loss. It is possible to lose weight without surgery as well as to lose weight with surgery. Slimming methods can be explained as follows:

Methods of Slimming with Surgery

  • Sleeve gastrectomy
  • Gastric band (Stomach clamp)
  • Mini gastric bypass
  • Gastric bypass

Non-Surgical Slimming Methods

  • Slimming with healthy eating and diet
  • Gastric balloon
  • Stomach botox
  • Non-surgical regional thinning with radio frequency
  • Lose weight with Velashape device
  • Eximia non-surgical slimming device
  • Non-surgical weight loss with smoothshapes
  • Slimming down with Powershape device
  • Slimming with Ultrashape V3 device

Slimming Methods with Traditional Medicine

  • Weight loss with Ayurveda
  • Slimming with cupping treatment
  • Slimming with acupuncture

Gastric Bypass

It is a non-surgical method preferred for weight loss. It is the removal of the first part of the stomach and the reduction of the stomach so that 30-50 cc remains.

Mini Gastric Bypass

It is a frequently used technique in bariatric surgery. It is carried out by creating a small gastric tube into the stomach. There is a disabling of the first 150-200 cm of the small intestine. in this way, the small intestine tube is connected to the lower part of the stomach.

Gastric Bands

This slimming method is also known in the form of stomach clamps. It is the process of placing a band 20 mm below the place where the stomach meets the gastric tube.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

It is a stomach reduction surgery. With the closed surgery technique, 80 percent of the stomach is removed. In this way, food absorption is reduced. It is a process that is completed in an average of one and a half hours.

Ultrashape V3 Device Slimming

This is an application that makes it possible to break down regional fat cells using vacuum technique and radiofrequency. It takes about an hour on average. It tightens the skin and removes fat cells through metabolic pathways.

Slimming with Powershape Device

It is preferred for regional thinning. It is the fact that radio frequency waves are amplified by sound waves and infrared light, promoting the breakdown of fat cells. It is completed in 8-10 sessions.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss with Smoothshapes

It is carried out with the device of smoothshapes. It is the fact that vacuum light and laser systems provide regional thinning by liquefying fat tissues. It is most often applied to the abdomen, calf and buttocks.

Eximia Non-Surgical Slimming

Sudden and high pressure is applied to the surface of the skin with sound waves. Therefore, adipose tissue becomes liquid and is eliminated from the body by metabolic pathways. Even in the first session, it is possible to achieve thinning between 2 – 12 cm.

Weight Loss with Velashape Device

It is a method used in body shaping, cellulite treatment and weight loss processes. It provides the breakdown of fat tissues on the skin surface in order to accelerate weight loss. It is also an effective method of treating stretch marks.

Non-Surgical Fat Burning with Radio Frequency

The radio frequency process allows the water molecules to be activated. In this method, heat increase is obtained by transmitting wavelengths to deep tissues. Thus, the melting of adipose tissue takes place.

Stomach Botox

It is one of the new generation weight loss techniques. It does not require surgery. It is carried out by injecting botilinum toxin into certain areas of the stomach. In this technique, a feeling of satiety is created in the individual and it is aimed to slow down the stomach movements.

Gastric Balloon

With the endoscopy method, a balloon filled with 600-720 cc of liquid or air is placed into the stomach. It creates a feeling of satiety in the individual. It is possible to lose 15-20 kg in an average of 6 months.

Slimming with Healthy Eating and Diet

It is a method applied by ensuring that the individual is healthy by changing the nutritional system without any intervention from outside. The slimming method is preferred with the help of a healthy nutrition clinic or a dietitian.

Slimming with Acupuncture

It is a holistic treatment technique made by inserting fine-tipped needles into various areas of the body. It is preferred in the treatment of many different diseases. It is an effective method of losing weight.

Slimming with Cup Treatment

It is one of the traditional medical techniques. It promotes the melting of adipose tissues into the blood. In this way, the elimination of fats from the body and weight loss is facilitated.

Weight Loss with Ayurveda

It is a method unique to ancient India. It is more interested in what is consumed other than weight loss. In this technique, healthy nutrients are ensured to enter the body. Weight loss occurs with regular digestion. It is important to apply it not only for one period, but for the whole of life.

Slimming Down with Detox

Detox, which helps to remove toxins that have accumulated on the body is an effective way to treat obesity. Although it cannot be said to be permanent, it contributes to weight loss. It also supports the resolution of edema in the body.

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