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Slimming With Detox

Slimming With Detox

The water we drink, the air we breathe, the processed foods we consume and the daily stress level are the toxins that we have accumulated in our body by being exposed to environmental factors, causing discomfort and preventing cells from renewing themselves. These are harmful bacteria. It is important to get rid of these toxins to increase our resistance to diseases and our energy. That’s why our most important organs, such as the lungs, liver, and kidneys, are programmed to expel these toxins through urine, sweat, and feces.

Related toxins and accumulations called edema cause individuals to gain excess weight or appear to be overweight. Therefore, by creating slimming practices with detox, healthy slimming and removal of toxins can be possible. The detox foods and drinks in these programs encourage healthier eating while also allowing you to lose weight.

How Does Detox Slimming Work?

The most important point about detox is to get rid of toxins. After that, with individual-specific detox plans, both getting rid of edema and controlled weight loss with healthy foods are achieved. These stages are managed by doctors who are professionals in their field and healthy nutritionists. Within the framework of the plan, the meals and drinks that are suitable for you are determined and you are kept under control. In this process, your body becomes more resistant to various viruses and bacteria because it also receives additional foods and drinks to strengthen your immunity by experts.

So, why is detox necessary? Generally, when sufficient levels of hormones are not secreted during depression and irritability, toxins accumulate on the body. Since various toxins are thought to affect hormones, your quality of life may be adversely affected accordingly. Other places where toxins accumulate are muscles. The accumulation of toxins on the body also leads to cramps and pain. This triggers some muscle disorders. Toxins that accumulate on the liver can cause acne and pimple problems. In order to prevent such problems, detox programs are extremely effective and important.

What are the Types of Detox?

Toxins, which are stored on the body and bring many different problems such as weight gain, fatigue, edema, weakness, constipation problem and hormone-related diseases, can be eliminated with detox. There are two different methods of removing toxins from the body. The first of these is medical detox. This means cleaning the body of harmful components such as drugs and alcohol. The other type is the detox, which is made with fruits, vegetables and teas and promotes healthy weight loss.

Detox types, which have been applied in Indian and Chinese medicine for many years, can cause some health problems when done unconsciously. Therefore, detox slimming should be done under expert control. The most preferred types of detox today:

  • Consuming uniform foods rich in antioxidants at certain times
  • Consuming only fruit and plant juices or teas at certain times
  • Using sauna and hammam to remove toxins through sweat
  • Cleansing the large intestine with various techniques (medication or enema)

One of the most important details when doing detox cycles is to choose foods that will help eliminate toxins well. The most important of these are cabbage juice, watermelon-mint, apple-cinnamon, green tea, ginger tea, lemon-parsley juice.

Detox Slimming Service

We carefully select the foods and drinks we have used for detox and slimming. With our detox plan foods consisting of organic products, we appeal to those who want to lose weight and get rid of toxins. We create special plans with fruits and vegetables that are in season, grown by private producers. We also have special services such as intestinal baths, hammams and saunas, which are far above world standards. You can also contact us to benefit from such services and get rid of toxins.

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